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Waldron Creek Ski Touring and Snowshoe Hike
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Newest Events

Sun, Sep 18 2022:
Mount Frazier (Scramble)

Sat, Aug 20 2022:
Rocky Mountain Peak (Scramble)

Fri, Sep 2 2022:
Table Tennis Tournament Social Event (Social)

Sat, Sep 24 2022:
Bike Tour - Kila to Hot Springs and back (Training)

Sat, Sep 10 2022:
Dragons Tail (Scramble)

Sat, Sep 17 2022:
Rampage Mountain (Scramble)

Sat, Oct 1 2022:
Loneman Lookout (Hike)

Sun, Aug 28 2022:
Washboard Reef Traverse (Scramble)

Sun, Aug 21 2022:
Angel Wing (Scramble)

Sat, Aug 27 2022:
Peak 7701 (Scramble)

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