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Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat
Hike: CANCELLED - Kent Peak (D2[10/5/0])

Mountaineering: Mount Brown (D3[8/6/0])

Scramble: Sunset Peak (D2[10/8/0])
Scramble: Koch Peak (D2[8/3/0])
Scramble: Bearhat Mountain (D3[8/5/0])

Scramble: Running Rabbit (D3[8/5/0])
Mountaineering: Pollock Mountain, Piegan Mountain, and Bishops Cap (D3[8/8/2])

Scramble: Appistoki Peak (D2[8/4/0])

Scramble: Castle Crag (D3[12/3/0])

Scramble: Ninaki & Papoose (D4[8/3/0])
Meeting: GMS Second Summer Session Sign-up Commences (7:00 pm) (D0[0/0/0])
Hike: CANCELLED - Cut Bank to Saint Mary Trail Hike (D1[4/4/0])

Mountaineering: Otokomi, East Flattop, and Singleshot Mountains (D3[10/10/0])

Scramble: Dancing Lady to Firebrand Traverse (D3[8/2/0])
Hike: Huckleberry Mountain (D1[12/6/0])

Scramble: Pinnacle Wall Goat Trail (D3[10/10/7])

Scramble: Rising Wolf (D3[12/6/0])
Scramble: Seward Mountain (D3[10/5/0])

Scramble: CANCELLED - Mount Siyeh (D3[8/1/0])

Scramble: Going-to-the-sun Mountain (D3[10/6/0])

Scramble: Rafting The Middle Fork (D3[7/5/0])

Social: CANCELLED - Spaghetti Potluck (D0[99/0/0])
Scramble: Triple Divide Pass to Pitamakan Pass (D3[10/10/0])
Scramble: Mount Helen (D3[8/4/0])

Scramble: Great Northern Mountain (D3[10/4/0])

Scramble: Goat Mountain (D3[10/3/0])

Scramble: Rafting The Middle Fork (D3[7/4/3])
Scramble: Rising Bull Ridge (D3[10/7/0])

Scramble: Medicine Grizzly Peak (D3[8/8/0])

Scramble: Tinkham Mountain (D3[10/9/0])
Social: GMS Annual Luncheon and Member Meeting (D0[70/60/1])
Scramble: Triple Divide Peak (D3[6/4/0])

Scramble: Iceberg Peak (D3[8/8/9])
Mountaineering: Mount Gould via Gem Glacier (D4[12/7/0])
Mountaineering: Mount Gould via Gem Glacier (D4[8/8/2])
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Newest Events

Sat, Aug 28 2021:
Floral Park Traverse (Scramble)

Sat, Oct 2 2021:
Kent Peak (Hike)

Sat, Aug 21 2021:
Felix Peak (Scramble)

Sun, Aug 1 2021:
Church Butte, Peak 8888, Statuary Mountains (Mountaineering)

Thu, Sep 9 2021:
Savage Mountain (Scramble)

Thu, Aug 26 2021:
Cedar Creek / North Fork Parmenter Creek Lollipop Loop (Hike)

Sat, Jul 31 2021:
Mount Gould via Gem Glacier (Mountaineering)

Sat, Aug 7 2021:
Mount Clements (Scramble)

Sat, Jul 24 2021:
GMS Annual Luncheon and Member Meeting (Social)

Sun, Jul 25 2021:
Iceberg Peak (Scramble)

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