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Frequently asked questions.

Q. How much does it cost to join GMS?

A. Single membership - $30.00. Couple membership - $50.00. Junior membership (17 and under) - $10.00.



Q. Can I see your schedule of climbs before I join GMS?

A. Yes! Click on the Member Login button on the top left of this page to see our schedule. You can also see pictures from outings if there is a camera icon on past climbs. You can navigate forward or backward on the calendar to see our schedule. Once you are a member you will be able to get all the features of this member only part of our website.



Q. How will I know if a climb is right for me?

A. Our climbs are rated on the technical aspect, elevation gain and distance travelled. There is a brief description of what to expect. Not all of our climbs are technical climbs or need special equipment. Make sure you are in good physical condition and have the necessary equipment and skill to use the equipment for the outing.



Q. Are you a paid guide service?

A. No. We are all volunteers in this club.



Q. How do I get onto a climb?

A. You will need to fill out the online application form and pay your dues. You will get login information and instructions to use the internet to sign up for climbs.



Q. How hard is it to get onto climbs?

A. Our climbs fill pretty quick from our starting date. We do have some climbs that are added later but the bulk of our climbing trips are scheduled by March/April. If you have a specific climb that you want to get onto it may be difficult if it is a popular climb. If you want to get out and hike then you should be able to get on trips.



Q. What is "the journal"?

A. Along with your membership, you get our yearly Going to the Sun magazine which is referred to as "the journal". This is a high quality publishing of our previous years outings, related articles and pictures.



Q. When is the membership starting date?

A. March 31 to March 31 is a membership year.



Q. Does GMS offer any social events or do you just offer climbs?

A. There is a winter potluck in January in Whitefish, MT and some social activities during GMS Week in July, including the annual membership meeting and luncheon.



Q. I am from out-of-state, but can I still join the GMS?

A. Yes, more than a third of our 400 members are from outside of Montana. The annual GMS Week in July is particularly designed to accommodate both local and visiting members, offering more than (20) outings during GMS week.



Q. What is GMS week?

A. This is a week in July where we have climbs scheduled Monday, Wednesday and Friday of the week. Tuesday evening we have a spaghetti potluck. Thursday we have a trail maintenance day. Saturday is our annual meeting and luncheon. Sunday we have family climbs scheduled.



Q. It is September, and I would like to join GMS. Is it too late?

A. Not at all! If you join GMS after GMS Week in July, your membership is extended through the next climbing season.



Q. Does GMS offer any training events for first-time climbers?

A. Yes, there are some of our outings geared for beginning level climbers. Check the description to find out if the outing is suited to your climbing level. GMS coordinators and other experienced members are always glad to offer tips to improve one's climbing abilities.



Q. Does GMS only offer climbs within Glacier National Park?

A. No. We have outings that are in the surrounding Forest Service area or out-of-area completely, including Canadian destinations. This is a function of what our volunteer coordinators offer to schedule for the GMS.



Q. How long has GMS been around?

A. GMS was founded in 1981 by Denis and Shirley Twohig and (34) Charter Members.