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Fri, Jul 24 2009 - Bird Woman Pass (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Frank Talley
Participants:Frank Talley

Write Up:
Haystack Butte - July 24, 2009 Coordinator: Frank Talley As all who were scheduled to climb on Friday will remember, this was a wet morning with thunderstorms in the Many Glacier Valley. We were to have climbed to Bird Woman Pass, but early had decided against taking several new climbers through the series of cliff bands, which would have been quite slippery. The rain stopped just at departure time and people began to gather. What to do? For a group of four, it was their first time in Glacier Park, and for two of them, their first climb. As the weather still threatened, I offered to take them on the Garden Wall/Highline Trail for as long as the weather would hold, figuring they would at least have the thrill of clinging to the cable. All did fine at that spot (where I have seen many people turn around). The farther we got, the more the sky cleared so I suggested we climb Haystack Butte. The newcomers were excited about that prospect, as our destination was plainly in view. After the first switchback, they were treated to a good experience in sidehilling as we headed up at that point. Figuring that the customary small couloir might be slippery and not wishing to subject first time climbers to that short Class 3 pitch, I opted to hike around the cliffs and instead gained the summit via the loooong uphill plod. But all agreed it was worth the effort. The views in every direction are wonderful and the ascent and descent are safe even after a rain. We returned via a slightly different route, back down the hill and under the cliffs of course, but then off the nose east of the Butte to the saddle near Mount Gould. From there we rejoined the Highline Trail back to Logan Pass. What a bounty - to be a guide for people on their first trip to Glacier Park and to take some on their first climb.Haystack Butte climbers were: Maggie Williams, Frank Talley, Ace Yakey, Claudia Synowzik, Beth Yakey, Doug Claeson and Teri Claeson.

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