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Sat, Aug 24 2013 - Little Chief (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): David Schuler
Participants:David Schuler, April Seubert, Gary Seubert, Stacey Endebrock, David Endebrock, Doug Thorsen, Jason Wilkes, Holly Wadsworth

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Write Up:
Start at the St Mary Falls entrance and hike down man made trail for about 1.8 miles to Virginia Falls. When you get to the bridge cross and count about 50 steps or 142 feet towards to the toilet. Break off to the right and keep going towards an easterly direction and you will see the game trail. Follow the trail and it will bend to a southery direction. Game Trail Waypoints 5000 Elevation 48.66004 -113.61133 5100 Elevation 48.65940 -113.61142 5200 Elevation 48.65869 -113.61190 5300 Elevation 48.65869 -113.61342 5400 Elevation 48.65662 -113.61344 5500 Elevation 48.65599 -113.61324 5600 Elevation 48.65555 -113.61222 5700 Elevation 48.65488 -113.61161 5800 Elevation 48.65458 -113.61080 5818 Elevation 48.65424 -113.61056 (Enter the stream gully) Game Trail I found this to be a fairly easy bushwhack. About 0.7 miles of bushwhack. The trail will fade away towards the end. You will be near the gully. You have about 0.7 miles of climb up the Talus Slope to the cliff. Goat Trail You will descend about 453 feet following this trail to where you walk up towards a saddle. Position to where you start ascending for the saddle is 48.63609 -113.59976 Reference and Notes: A Climber’s Guide to Glacier National Park, Gordon Edwards Long day with a lot of elevation gain. Class 3 Climb Recommendations: 3 to 4 liters of water (dry route late in summer). Rock Helmet. Group stick together on accent on West Talus Slop due to rocks.

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