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Sat, May 11 2013 - Granite Park Chalet (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Don Arthur, Tim Anderson
Participants:Don Arthur, Tim Anderson, David Schuler, Jane Holland, Gary Seubert, Theresa Porcarelli, Patti Markuson, April Seubert

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Write Up:
Hard to believe I almost cancelled this event because of the weather report.
NOAA point forecast had Granite Park listed 70% chance of thunderstorms, but warm with a high of 62.
So thought its warm enough to put up with a little rain, and weve done this event in worse weather.
The rain came early, the roads were wet when we arrived at 8am, but the clouds soon started to thin and it ended up being a perfect sunny day.

The bike ride up to the loop was nice; due to road construction the first three mile were on gravel, but it smooth and easy to ride on. At the loop we stored our bikes and started up the trail and across the bridge, after a sort time we left the trail and headed up cross country through the rock shelves that dot that hill side. We gained about a thousand feet before we found the snow level. In spite of the warm temperatures the snow was firm enough to avoid post holing and we ended up hiking the whole way in without need for our snow shoes.

We spent an hour on the balcony of Granite Chalet basking in the sun and eating our lunch before heading back down.

On the way down we found two pair of fresh bear tracks one black the other we were not sure, if not a grizzly it was a very large black bear, but never saw the bears.

This is the fifth time I've done this event, and I must say this was the best one yet.

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