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Sat, Apr 20 2013 - Summer Skills Training Workshop - Session I (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Don Arthur, Larry Hiller
Participants:Don Arthur, Larry Hiller, Bill Schulz, Jason Glenn, Tim Anderson, Rebecca Bodnar, James Hulvat, John Oliver Ellis, Carly Hohf, April Seubert, Diane Lundgren, Rod Graham, Robert Montague, Elaine Johnson, Connie Winner, Kim Davis, Jim Boyer, Tim Sharp, Laurel R. Vielle, Stephen Smith, Frank Wesolovski, David Schuler, Ann Oberlander, Louis Hatch, Rhonda White, Leslie K., Jack Beard, Paul Cogswell, Bruce White, Sue Shannon, Dennis Bonawitz, Kevin Clairmont, Bobbie Gilmore, Ronnie Laudati, Jason Wilkes, Jesse Manning, Patti Markuson, Danielle Coffman

Write Up:
Session I of the GMS Summer Skills Training Workshop Saturday April 20th was attended by 38 GMS coordinators and members and all attending took away many tips and reminders about alpine safety. Rod Graham, RN and EMT, gave an overview of backcountry first aid. He handed out an incident report which coordinators can use for accessing the incident, recording symptoms/injuries and treatment/action plan. The report can be used to inform EMS rescue agencies if needed and the GMS President. Rod also recommended Buck Tilton’s pocket sized Back Country First Aid Book as an addition to carry on backcountry outings. Rod stressed safety at the scene for the patient(s) and rescuers, emphasizing to stay calm and “stop, look and think.” A hands on demonstration of a head to toe exam instructed attendees to access injuries and gave the course of action for many potential backcountry health emergencies. A list of essentials for your personal first aid kit was reviewed with suggestions from Rod’s personal first aid gear kit. Following a dinner break, Robert Montague gave a slide presentation on Alpine Protocol, subtitled Style Matters. Robert is an AMGA certified Rock Climbing Guide, a Rainer Mountaineering Guide, EMT, studying to be an RN and plans to complete the IFMGA certification this Fall joining a select group of only 87 highly skilled certified IFMGA guides in the US. Robert stressed that there are differences between the style of GMS coordinators and certified professional guides but also much common ground, including the need for professionalism to promote safety and “take care of your people.” GMS coordinators need to plan ahead for all their trips and customize the style for the group makeup and terrain. He suggested limiting the size of the group at sign-up to match the trip plan, terrain and coordinator motives. Trip risks including external hazards (e.g. current weather) and internal hazards (e.g. groups abilities and motives) need to be assessed both before and during the outing. Robert also suggested conducting a pre-departure trailhead meeting to discuss climb expectations, route plan, pace and regroup strategy, mandatory equipment, potential technical solutions and plan B options. Essential gear for a coordinator should include: route plan, map, altimeter, compass and/or GPS, cell phone, whistle, first aid kit, emergency shelter, energy food. Robert emphasized the need to “practice defensive hiking and always be aware of your surroundings and participants.” He suggested building rapport with the group by using modeling/coaching techniques to demonstrate mountaineering skills and encourage individuals. Robert presented many impressive slides of his guided and personal trips on Mt. Rainier and Denali to demonstrate lessons learned and guiding protocol. Hiking and climbing pace was discussed with 2 miles/hr. and 1000’/hr. as guidelines. A route planning template was handed out and discussed. It includes: Route Name, Segment #, UTM Waypoint, Distance, Elevation, Elevation +/-, Bearing, Estimated Time, Running Time, Actual Time. We all were reminded that as coordinators we need to be prepared and that “ the summit is optional, getting down is mandatory.” Many thanks to Rod and Robert for an excellent, informative workshop.

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