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Mon, Jul 22 2013 - Henkel and Crowfeet (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Ralph Thornton
Participants:Ralph Thornton, Ron Gruber, Rick Thomas, April Seubert, Thomas Farago, John Burnham, Dean Stensland, Diane Lundgren, Alan Wiley, David Koel

Write Up:
Coordinators: Ralph Thornton and Ron Gruber A warm, sunny day for a pleasant climb. The group headed up the south face of Mount Henkel enjoying interesting route finding in the lower cliffs. Some went right others went left but we all reached the top of the cliffs together. A long push through the big basin, a few more cliffs, a traverse right and an easy ascent of the ridge brought us to a nice resting place overlooking Kennedy Lake. One minute the sky was clear; the next minute a little cloud formed near the summit and I heard a buzzing sound. Looking up I noticed Tom taking a picture and thought the sound came from his camera. Just then Diane said, "Ralph, listen to this!" As she raised her hand a buzzing sound came from her fingers, lowering her hand quieted the buzz. "Everyone off the ridge, NOW!" I yelled. Before another minute passed we were huddling wherever we could find shelter from the pummeling hail and rain. One more minute and the sun was out, the sky clearing. We continued to the summit of Mount Henkel and enjoyed the breathtaking views of the Many Glacier Valley. From Henkel we made the traverse to Crowfeet Mountain. After a long day of easy climbing, we reached the cliff that guards the summit of Henkel. Up we went, one at a time. Then there was this tricky little crossing of an exposed cleft. The summit was just beyond. We made the crossing with big smiles and enjoyed our second Glacier summit of the day. The descent over the cleft and down the cliff was easy but the long haul down to Ptarmigan Lake was fatiguing. A good water break at the lake and we were ready to tackle the trail. Our pleasant late afternoon hike down was punctuated by a grizzly bear feeding along the trail. Everyone passed the bruin safely and we were soon gathering for refreshments. Climbers were: Dean Stensland, Rick Thomas, John Burnham, Tom Farago, Ron Gruber, Diane Lundgren, Ralph Thornton, April Seubert and Alan Wiley.

Have some photos from this event that you'd like to share in our photo album? Please forward them to Tim Anderson at Please note that we prefer to receive the photos in approximately 640x480 or 750x500 pixels - do NOT send original high-res photos. If you have a LOT of photos, please submit up to twenty of your favorites (only) for a day event, or up to forty of your favourites for a multi-day event. Thank you.

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