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Sat, May 5 2012 - Granite Park Chalet (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Tim Anderson
Participants:Tim Anderson, April Seubert, Gary Seubert, Don Arthur, Daniel Ostrem, Dans Wife, Mark Fields, Patti Markuson

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Write Up:
It was raining pretty steady when we left Avalanche, we were all pretty wet when we reached the loop. In spite of the rain everyone had a great attitude and wanted to keep going. We elected to take an alternate route to the Chalet. Instead of crossing the bridge and taking the ridge that goes straight there, we decided to take the Crystal Point ridge directly above the loop. It was a tough tip in the beginning, a lot of post holing in to air pockets from buried downfall. Once the got high enough the snow was wonderfully dense we could kick steps and climb without snow shoes. Unfortunately we did not make the Chalet. Once we reached the high point on the ridge the route to the chalet should have been easy, but we only had about 1000 ft visibility, what we could see did not match the what was planned on the topo maps. In hind site, with the poor visibility, we should have taken the normal route. Once back at the loop there was a good steady rain and the temp had dropped to 35F. We were all soaked by the time we reached the cars. For such a miserable day, everyone had a smile on their face and said they had a great time. Though for some reason no one wanted to stand around for a tail gate. I have chips and salsa left for next time.

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