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Sat, Jul 28 2012 - Angel Wing (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Greg Kushnak
Participants:Greg Kushnak, David Schuler, Patrick Nahmiash, Steve Patitsas, Danielle Beach, Tim Horan, Ken Nielson, Denis Twohig, Robin Young

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Write Up:
We approached South Angel Wing via the Piegan Pass Trail, and up the east-face route (following the drainage between Gould & South Angel). Previous reports described it as class 3, but opinions in our group ranged from class 4 to 4.5, except for Denis – he called it a “class 5 without ropes”. We did get thru nearly all of it okay, but just as we were about to clear that section to easy terrain, we were blocked by a melt-water stream that plunged into a moat behind a steep snow field. Crossing it would have involved 20 feet of sloping, very slippery moss-covered rock. Our only option was to drop back down about 1000 feet and attempt the grassy ramps between cliff bands on the south-facing slope of the drainage, which would have involved another series of class-4 rocks. The group decided the descent and re-climb to exercise that option would make the day much too long. Being happy with the wonderful sights we had seen thus far, we returned to the cars. Steve was the exception. A strong, capable climber, he was determined to try the ramp route and continue on. Not to allow him to go alone, co-coordinator David Schuler accompanied him. They made it up thru some difficult pitches to the summit of South Angel Wing, crossed the snow-covered glacier basin, and returned before dark, but had a very close encounter with a grizzly & cub, 10 feet away! Steve was quite shaken by the encounter (rightly so), and needed a “day at the laundry”. Members of the group were Greg Kushnak, David Schuler, Tim Horan, Ken Nielson, Danielle Beach, Patrick Nahmiash, Denis Twohig, Robin Young and Steve Patitsas.

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