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Sat, Jun 18 2011 - Spot Mountain (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): David Schuler, Greg Kushnak
Participants:Jan, Greg Kushnak, David Schuler, Ian Aston, Jane Holland, Tim Horan, Don Arthur, Kim Aston

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Write Up:
To experience a greater variety of landscapes, we made a circuit route. Spot Mountain includes three lobes that extend to the southeast. From Looking Glass Hill, in steady rain, we approached and ascended a steep snowfield on the NE slope of the middle lobe to gain its ridge. The snow was easier climbing than the adjacent class-3 rocks and krumholz. The rain stopped by the time we reached the ridge, but the push to the summit was a survival experience, with the wind exceeding 50 knots. At the summit, we were plastered against a rock face by the wind, and decided not to push on to the Lonely Lakes overlook. The return route was down a minor ridge between the middle & south lobes of the mountain, then wrapping around the middle lobe just below its cliffs, and rejoining the approach route. All segments of this circuit were diverse, including an “other world” forest along the nose of the middle lobe. This forest consisted mostly of giant ancient snags (presumably from the great 1910 fire) amidst huge boulders, as well as large, very old doug-fir trees (thanks to Don for finding a great route through here). The approach area was the most pleasant, with lush green fescue meadows decorated with glacier lilies, shooting stars and pasque flowers. The highlight of the day was watching a wolverine, with its signature undulating gait, effortlessly ascending a steep snowfield. Other wildlife sighted were sheep, and possibly a grizzly and a moose. Distance and time to the summit was 3.5 mi & 3000’ vertical in 3 hrs. The conditions at the top didn’t lend to a good summit photo, so the group photo is at the base of the mountain. Spot Mountain climbers, back row left to right: Don Arthur, Ian Aston, Kim Aston, Jane Holland, Greg Kushnak & David Schuler; front row L to R: Tim Horan & Jan Horan, (Spot Mtn in background).

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