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Sat, Jul 11 2020 - Forster Mountain (replaced Appistoki Mountain) (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Cindy Weaver
Participants:Cindy Weaver, Carolyn Remmel, Charlotte Jansson, Paul Erler, Terri, Donna Gans, Pattie Wacker, Steve Watters, Atina Diffley, Mark

Write Up:
11 hikers started at Devil Creek Campground at 8:00am. We left the official trail at the junction with Elk Lake trail, although there is a well-defined user trail that leads up to the saddle many people take to Tranquil Basin. We followed the ridge line toward Forster, which had ups and downs, one significant just above Elk Lake. We had in view a snow field just below the summit, but hoped we would either be able to cross it or it would have melted as we came around the ridge more to the south. Some of the group hung out lower on the ridge waiting to see the progress. A final four pushed across the last ridge line to the snowfield which we could see blocked the way just below the summit. We decided to take a 'shortcut' to Elk Lake from the low spot in the saddle on the way back down. It was steep and not recommended, but the Lake was a welcome reward. We then followed the trail back to the junction and backtracked out the Devil Creek trail we had come in on. 17 miles, 4550 feel of elevation, 10 hours

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