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Wed, Jul 3 2019 - Three Sacred Peaks (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Laurel R. Vielle
Participants:Laurel R. Vielle, Laurie Lintner, Anne D., Dennis Eaves, Robin Young

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Write Up:
Even in light of a truly horrible forecast (80% chance of rain, up to ½ an inch!) , 4 intrepid climbers plus myself set off to try our luck climbing the Three Sacred Peaks west of Dupuyer: Scarface, Morning Star and Poia. As luck would have it, we actually had a really nice and relatively dry hike in and first part of our ascent of the first of the peaks, Scarface. But, our luck soon ran out as the clouds and mist rolled in just in time to totally obscure our route over to Morning Star. With none of us having done the traverse, and knowing it was “tricky”, we decided to skip Morning Star and traversed over to a sub peak of Scarface to see if we could descend to the saddle between Scarface and Poia in the hopes of perhaps climbing Poia on the way out. We did find a way down to the saddle thanks to the excellent route-finding skills of all on the climb, but, the weather took another turn for the worse on the saddle. After debating a bit (in rain and hail with thunder booming), we decided to call it a day. Shortly after we started to descend, the sky lightened a bit and we paused to rethink our decision. At that moment a bright bolt of lightening accompanied with a huge crack of thunder hit the summit of Poia and with wide eyes and ducked heads, we scurried down off the saddle. Of course, after that the sun came out and it was a gorgeous afternoon, but, we all agreed it was better to be safe than sorry. We’ll try for all three peaks next year. In attendance were Anne Dellwo, Dennis Eaves, Laurie Litner, Robin Young, and myself.

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