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Sat, Jul 2 2016 - Blacktail Hills (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Larry Hiller
Participants:Larry Hiller, Patrick Dryden, Ginger Flesch, Charlotte Jansson, Jim, Jason Wilkes, Jim Boyer, Caroline Clemans, Don Arthur

Write Up:
Our group of nine had a very fine day to tour the Blacktail Hills on a point to point route. Starting from Marias Pass, we intersected the Autumn Creek Trail and headed westward a few miles before heading off trail. The route meandered back and forth, up and down, and crossed several vegetated gullies entailing minor bushwhacking. However, the hills are mostly wide open terrain making the hiking easy and very enjoyable. Abundant spring moisture this year compared to last, created a bumper crop of wildflowers, including the bitterroot - the state flower of Montana.

The only negative aspect of the day involved the coordinator failing to step over a broken branch on a log on the steep descent to the vehicles parked at the Skyland Road. The resulting leg gouge necessitated a visit to Urgent Care in Whitefish for ten sutures but not before enjoying refreshments back at Marias Pass to savor the beautiful day.

Participants were Don Arthur, Jim Boyer, Caroline Clemens, Patrick Dryden, Ginger Flesch, Charlotte Jansson, Larry Hiller, Jim Tripp, and Jason Wilkes.

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