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Sun, Jul 18 2010, Mon, Jul 19 2010 - Goat Haunt Mtn. (8,641 ft.) - FULL (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Ron Gruber, Ralph Thornton
Participants:Ron Gruber, Ralph Thornton, Rick Thomas, Susan Schwartz, Frank Wesolovski, Patrick Blake, Brian Kennedy

Write Up:
Goat Haunt Mountain (8,641 ft.) - July 18-19, 2010
Ralph Thornton, Coordinator
Copyright Notice

This peak sits 4,400 feet above Waterton Lake and the Goat Haunt Ranger Station. We traveled from the Waterton townsite to Goat Haunt by boat, camped overnight at Goat Haunt and climbed the peak the following day. We were a little rushed on the return so as not to miss our connection back to Waterton. Photos by Ralph Thornton and Jen Gruber.

The weather looked ominous as we departed Waterton. The dark look proved to be a common one that afternoon as well as on the day of our climb.
The International makes four runs daily between Waterton and Goat Haunt. It's a handy way to quickly reach the head of Waterton Lake.

In this view the International is arriving at Goat Haunt. The ranger station and customs office is on the left. Photo by Jen Gruber.

After a stormy evening the night sky was filled with stars. Unfortunately dawn brought more rain. We started our climb by hiking up to the Goat Haunt Overlook on a trail lined with wet brush. The rain became a drizzle that ever so slowly began to let up.

At the end of the trail we took off our rain gear. Heck we were soaked to the skin with sweat anyway and the rain seemed to be letting up. Photo by Jen Gruber.
Then it was off into the bushes where we were treated to numerous showers from the wet brush.

Climbing higher the vegetation thinned and the weather improved. Photo by Jen Gruber.

About halfway up the mountain we reached a broad saddle and enjoyed some brilliant sunshine. The views were pretty nice too. The background is highlighted by the porcupine Ridge and the Guardhouse, two fairly remote and seldom reached summits.
Looking east we could see our objective, still about 2,200 feet higher.
A nifty traverse slope got us around some cliffy sections of the ridge. Unfortunately we climbed too high too soon and wasted quite a bit of time searching for easy passage.
The cliffy stuff was eventually passed and a gentle scree slope lead to the summit ridge.
With only a thousand feet to go and easy climbing ahead we spread out on the ridge each hiking at their own pace.
The views kept getting better and better. Waterton Lake was spread out below us and the townsite at the other end was clearly visible.
From near the summit we were treated to a look at Goat Haunt Mountains vertical north face (above left).

And from the summit we could see Miche Wabun Glacier (above right).

Summit views were more spectacular than any of us had anticipated. Here sapphire blue Miche Wabun Lake lies far below.
The daunting North Face of Mount Cleveland was quite impressive as well.
Looking southwest we could see a sea of peaks with the Kootenai Lakes in the valley. Vulture Peak is the highest summit near the center of the photo.
On the summit of Goat Haunt Mountain are (left to right) Ralph Thornton, Ron Gruber, Frank Weslovski, Patrick Blake, Brian Kennedy, Ricard Thomas and Susan Schwartz.
Following a much easier route on the descent brought us to the broad saddle were we were first treated to sunshine. A storm was approaching from the west that brought lightning, hail and heavy rain. That lasted all the way to Goat Haunt.

We reached the lake in plenty of time to catch the 5:25 boat and even had time to dry some of our gear.

The sky cleared at Goat Haunt but Waterton was a cold and windy place. Everyone hastened to head for cover as soon as we could get off the boat.

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