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Mon, Jul 25 2016 - Garden Wall Loop (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Paul Cogswell
Participants:Paul Cogswell, Ginger Flesch, Ronnie Laudati, April Seubert, Jim Petersen, Elaine Johnson, Andrew Provo, Sue Shannon

Write Up:
The group met at Logan Pass early in order to get parking places, and to beat the heat. The abandoned trail into Lunch Creek can still be followed, and makes for a nice warm up stroll. Ascending to the foot of the Great Cleft on Mt. Pollock is interesting, and provides route finding practice which everyone enjoyed. The Great Cleft was challenging enough for people who had never done it before to give a mild thrill. Our buddy Corwin Wyman who came along as a guest provided wonderful assistance to people climbing the cleft as he straddled a point midway up to guide people along. A rest and the first picnic of the day was the order on the summit of Mt. Pollock, followed by Elaine,Jim and Paul privately distributing some of our buddy Franz's ashes where Paul had had the pleasure of visiting with Franz during his time in this life. The the hike proceeded, this time the top of the wall was followed as close as possible with superb views on either side. Most of the group made it to the top of Bishop's Cap, which provided another thrill. The group split in to three subgroups to descend the gulley down to the Highline Trail to avoid rockfall and that portion proceeded safely using that method. The trail hike back to Logan Pass was uneventful but pleasant as always, and as the usual many regular hiker types were encountered, on what for them is a big adventure, it was hard to not be buoyed by the thought of if they only knew what we just did. The awaiting snacks and drinks topped off a super day in Glacier back at the cars. This is a great hike which is easy but always a thrill, and a pleasure to share.

Have some photos from this event that you'd like to share in our photo album? Please forward them to Tim Anderson at Please note that we prefer to receive the photos in approximately 640x480 or 750x500 pixels - do NOT send original high-res photos. If you have a LOT of photos, please submit up to twenty of your favorites (only) for a day event, or up to forty of your favourites for a multi-day event. Thank you.

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