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Mon, Jul 19 2010 - Henkel/Crowfeet (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Tram Stout
Participants:Tram Stout

Write Up:
We had a full group show up on a questionable morning for the climb up Henkel and Crowfeet mountains. The group seemed anxious to head for the hills even though I was worried what mother nature might dish out. We began the trek up Henkel and before long were rewarded with good weather for hiking--not too hot and no rain. The snow band near the summit was much larger and longer than when I climbed it in 2009. This required the group to search farther to one side for a passageway up. We finally found a narrow spot in the snow, but were faced with a tad more rock scramble than I had done in last year's climb. I felt a little concerned for the group that they might be incurring more rock scramble than they were ready for. I didn't need to worry; they seem to do real well. Everyone made the summit of Henkel so I took a summit photo here "just in case". From there we began our descent to the saddle and crossover to Crowfeet. At this point Mother Nature was looking very threatening. I managed to get the group to hold up just a bit before ascending Crowfeet and we "pow-wowed" about the threatening clouds. The consensus was to proceed. We reached the summit rock of Crowfeet. We took turns climbing up to the top, then wasted no time in beginning our descent. We regrouped at the outlet of Ptarmigan Lake and made a hasty retreat back to the parking lot at Swiftcurrent. Mother Nature got tired of waiting just as we reached the parking lot. What timing! Climbers were: Meg Schnaderbeck, Chris Bezat, Carrie Eklund, James Hulvat, Scott Salmons, Tram Stout, Randy Peters, Dennis Eaves, Craig Swatland and Steve Paull.

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