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Sat, Jul 18 2015 - Mount Siyeh #1 (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Dell Meuchel, Gail Meuchel
Participants:Dell Meuchel, Gail Meuchel, Ann Oberlander, Paula Ferguson, Brian Hobday, Anne D., John Reynolds, Erika Morck

Write Up:
Saturday July 18th offered some scattered clouds to the climbers on their way to Siyeh. Of the 8 on the trip this would be Glacier's first 10,000 foot peak for 7. Gail Meuchel, Ann Oberlander, Paula Ferguson, Brain Hobday, Anne Delwo, John Reynolds and Erika Morck were anxious for the challenge. Our route up the south face was mainly class 3 leading up through two interesting cliff bands (thanks to John for his help) to a 1000 foot mixed talus/ scree slog to the west ridge. A fleeting glimpse of two grizzlies near the west ridge foretold events to come. A large bore was “excavating” for food at about 9,500 feet and only paused to look at us before continuing his search. We summitted and were greeting with a cold wind and partial could cover but excellent views. As we ventured down via the west ridge the excitement began. A sow and three cubs bounded below the summit block heading to the same spot we stood no more than 10 minutes before. Things could have been very interesting. Our trip down proceeded with out incident and we feasted on chips and salsa at Siyeh Bend. It was an outstanding crew of climbers. Dell M.

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