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Sat, Jan 31 2015 - Ski Touring Relaxed Pace (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Joe Grabowski
Participants:Joe Grabowski, Brian Kennedy, Frank Wesolovski, Denise Grabowski

Write Up:
Poor snow quality, unfortunately this is a common theme this winter, lead to a change in plans. Denise, Brian, Frank and I decided to try for Lena Lake on light touring gear. We were grateful for the 1" of snow overnight because that was the only snow for the first mile at the Lubec trailhead. At the trail junction where one can either go to Firebrand or East Glacier, we took the East Glacier branch to Railroad creek. We made our way up the creek, struggling through thick trees and steep side hills on the right bank until well up the drainage where travel became easier. The creek was open lower down. Once below the lake we opted not to climb up to the lake and instead went to the falls below the lake and then looped back towards the Firebrand Pass trail. Conditions were dust on a firm base. Travel was easy except for steep climbing. We even got some turns in along the route. Denise and I have visited Lena Lake in the winter numerous times. It makes for a nice day on light touring gear. The following day Denise and I went south from Marias Pass and traveled along the east base of Flattop and Elk Calf, never staying on the road or any trail. Similar conditions to the Lena trip except the snow pack was more generous in this area. Essentially this day was "go anywhere" conditions with easy travel on the new snow on a firm, supportable base. Numerous fresh game tracks (wolf and lion) but unfortunately some recent snowmobile tracks. This area is restricted, no motorized travel. It is a poor winter indeed for ski touring but with a little perseverance one can find a good trip.

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