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Sat, Jun 17 2006 - Apgar Mountain Ridge (View Original Event Details)

Coordinator(s): Larry Hiller
Participants:Larry Hiller

Write Up:
Huckleberry Mountain Lookout is situated at the north end of the Apgar Mountains. I first climbed to the summit in March 2006 starting from the North Fork bridge at the Camas entrance to Glacier and ascending the ridge on a direct route to the lookout. I kicked steps into the firm snow for several hundred feet of vertical gain and then put on snowshoes for the rest of the climb as the slope moderated. The wide open Apgar Mountain ridge was covered with deep, wind-packed snow which made it easy to explore southward. I was tempted to keep going all the way to the Apgar Lookout on that beautiful, sunny day, but I had to turn back and retrace my route to retrieve my vehicle at the Camas entrance.

I was curious to find out if the same route would work for a summer climb. Jodi Smith, Steve Berg, Denise Grabowski and Guy Bateman joined me for the endeavor. Some reconnaissance prior to the climb revealed that the lower part of the route, unlike during the winter when snow-covered, would be tough going because of a tangle of small, downed timber. We opted therefore to ascend the old-fashioned way via the east side, maintained trail which climbs very moderately for six miles to reach the lookout. It was a cloudy day so the views were nothing to cell phone home about, but there was general agreement as we noshed on our lunches that it was well worth the effort.

Rather than heading back down the trail to our vehicles, we decided to descend directly to the North Fork bridge at the Camas entrance by following my winter snowshoe, ridge route which provided the opportunity to compare the seasonal differences. For the most part, the route was very easy going. There was some minimal bushwhacking through shrubbery that had been buried under snow during my March trek, but not enough to draw any blood. As we descended, we came across the old telephone wire to the lookout strung out along the ground a relic of Glacier's lookout history. A few perfectly shaped holes indicated where the telephone poles had once stood. We had to negotiate through the timber tangle the last few hundred feet of vertical to the road, but it was not a major issue. I preferred the uniqueness of the winter ascent to the summer endeavor, but Huckleberry Lookout is worth visiting any season of the year.

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